What do we do?

We offer a full range of services creating online solutions for both internal (intranet) and web (internet) presence as well as creating online and offline branding.

Solutions for enterprises and SMEs

Shiwa7 is an eCMS system targeting large enterprises. It provides an easy-to-manage, easy-to-use unified, professional online appearance. Any solutions of the Shiwa ecosystem can easily be matched to existing or cloud based backend systems.

Website and software development

It's not just smart but cute too! We create custom software applications driven by compelling User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces (UI). Following our agile, iterative methodology, our development teams work routinely in classical enterprise, agile startup and bimodal IT environments.

Mobile applications

We build applications and web pages that can be used on mobile and tablet devices. We target iOS, Android, and Windows platforms that are integrated with traditional or cloud based backend systems.

Webdesign, UI, UX

Our dedicated designer division delivers web design to our customers that are lovable, modern, and easy-to-use on any device. After the designing phase, we create user and mobile-friendly pages using the latest technologies.

What do we use?


Our software developers are comfortable working with multiple programming languages, be it trustworthy and secure Java, lightweight NodeJS and AngularJS, or PHP. #nodejs, #java, #angular, #WP, #PHP


We develop native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows UWP platforms which are integrated with cloud based (AWS, Azure) or traditional backend systems. #ios, #android, #windows mobile, #aws, #uwp, #azure


We provide transparency and agility using our own products and world leading 3rd party solutions. We use Atlassian’s agile toolset. #atlassian, #git, #aws, #devops, #bimodalit


We use agile and LeanStartup methodologies and introduce them at large enterprises starting from the inital requirements gathering phase to planning, development, testing and consulting up until the hour based billing. #agilemethodology, #leanstartup, #scrum, #consulting

How do we do it?

We use agile methodology and run SCRUM teams because this is how we can adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients. Many prospects choose us because we know how to react well and quickly to requirements changes.

We understand our clients’ needs

We meet in person and get to the deep details to understand and internalise the tasks. During planning and development we continuously communicate to capture changing business needs and react quickly.

We let our creativity fly

We shoot our developers to outer space and let them work for 2 weeks.

We are in a transparent relationship

We showcase what has been produced on the Moon, then discuss next steps and what tasks should be the next in the queue.

You decide - we make it happen

Once we clarify what the next most important feature is to our clients, we put our focus and efforts on it in the next development cycle.

Awards and honours

Our products, applicatons and methodologies are well accepted and appreciated.
Our agile feedback tool StatusApp is recognized among the best HR communication solutions of 2018.
Employer Branding Award 2017
Awarded by the Hungarian Public Relations Association for our employer branding campaign.
Fastest-Growing Companies in Europe
Based on three-year revenue growth we're on the list of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in Europe.
Best Digital Management Initiative 2017 Award
In 2017 we received the Best Digital Management Initiative award at the E-Banking conference.
”Founder and Entrepreneur of the year”
Anton KOVACH, CEO has received the ”Founder and Entrepreneur of the year” award at the 2017 CEO Conference.
Best Digital Management Initiative 2016 Award
In 2016 we received the Best Digital Management Initiative award at the E-Banking conference.
ITU Telecom World 2015
Rewarded by the award for the most innovative and successful ICT-based small and medium enterprises that provide real social impact.
Deloitte Technology Fast 50
We are one of the most dynamically growing company in the region.
SWIFT InnoTribe
Out of 280 companies from 47 countries Karma Platform has been selected into the top 15 (in Europe in the top 5) products and companies at SWIFT InnoTribe 2014.
Atlassian Overall Best Add-On
From the 115 international developer teams we got the „Overall Best Add-on” top price with our Scrum Poker add-on.

Our colleagues

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Our Partners

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