Solutions for enterprises and SMEs
Shiwa7 is an eCMS system targeting large enterprises. It provides an easy-to-manage, easy-to-use unified, professional online appearance. Any solutions of the Shiwa ecosystem can easily be matched to existing or cloud based backend systems.
Website and software development
It's not just smart but cute too! We create custom software applications driven by compelling User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces (UI). Following our agile, iterative methodology, our development teams work routinely in classical enterprise, agile startup and bimodal IT environments.
Mobile applications
We build applications and web pages that can be used on mobile and tablet devices. We target iOS, Android, and Windows platforms that are integrated with traditional or cloud based backend systems.
Webdesign, UI, UX
Our dedicated designer division delivers web design to our customers that are lovable, modern, and easy-to-use on any device. After the designing phase, we create user and mobile-friendly pages using the latest technologies.

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Shiwa7 is an easy-to-use Enterprise Content Management (eCMS) system that offers a consistent and controlled tool set for content management that follows the style guidelines of the company. Shiwa7 provides professional content management for both the Internet, Intranet and Extranet environments. We developed a number of related solutions and services for Shiwa7 that can be easily adapted to existing or cloud based back-end systems.


The Shiwa7 content management and editing system is part of our complex service package. The modular architecture of eCMS, which has been developed for more than 10 years, provides a great deal of freedom. It simplifies drawing up the designs, making content editing more transparent, flexible, and easier. The process of multichannel publishing shortens and provides an effective solution to deliver the right content to the right place.

Core functions of Shiwa7

  • Multiple conversion options: greater freedom – web pages are stored in xml format
  • Support for responsive image handling
  • Applying authorization management and approval system during the process – managing multiple domains on a single interface
  • News module – embedded news box in real time
  • Embedded webform – customisable form editing interface
  • The publication process can be reshaped flexibly – it can be started both manually and in scheduled mode
  • User-friendly and unobstructed appearance

Shiwa7 is the ideal choice

  • A corporate image that is well-regulated, and is continually controlled by content management
  • Platform-independent operation
  • Option to integrate with content coming from the “Office” suite
  • Facilitates efficient, fast work
  • A single CMS instance can serve multiple portals
  • The content publishing process can be adapted to various needs and also can be timed
  • Authorization management, version tracking, search and sorting
  • It is used by many leading Hungarian companies

Scrum Poker for JIRA plugin

Our award winning "Scrum Poker for JIRA" application is an addition to the Atlassian JIRA project management tool that makes agile software design easier with virtual, mobile-accessible cards.


The software was designed by Scrum Masters and can help accelerate software development projects’ time estimates.

Developers can use virtual cards to vote on Android or iOS devices using a mobile app. The solution can be used alone, as is, and it is also suitable for replacing paper cards. The integration with JIRA enables the app to send votes directly to JIRA, the popular and supported system of agile software development communities.


The Enterprise Grade Content Distribution System
SAS, the "Service after Shiwa" application handles and manages content created by the Shiwa7 eCMS and distributes them between internal and external systems. With this application, the pages that are edited in the Shiwa7 content management system can easily be delivered to the portal server.

SAS also offers timing, so content compiled by content editors does not need to be instantly released to the production environment.

Each prepared content unit (package) is first placed into a test environment (staging) so it can be tested in an environment that represents 100% of the production environment

Reverting to a previous state of content is also possible with the touch of a button. For a few days back, content can be restored immediately, older content snapshots are archived.

In addition to managing content, the program also monitors the publication process so that it keeps up-to-date information on the status of important system components. As a result of the monitoring the content editor will receive accurate guidance on the state of the publishing process of the content, possible bugs in the run process, thus helping take immediate action.

Core functions of SAS

  • Dashboard for the state of the entire system
  • Supporting multichannel publication
  • Immediate rollback process
  • Logging
  • Automatic system reporting
  • Strict authentication and authorization
  • The possibility of using it without Shiwa7

More than a publishing system

  • The publication can be timed or started manually
  • Each package can be verified (before publishing)
  • Previewing the content is also possible before publishing to the live environment
  • It’s secure as it offers quick restoration options of content changes made in the past few days immediately
  • Its monitoring system is sophisticated, the process can be logged


Enterprise Content Editing System
BlondXML is the content editor module for Shiwa7 which gives web content editors great freedom while still provides strictly enforceable web appearance based on corporate style guidelines.


The editor supports WYSIWYG functionality so content and design can be edited correctly. BlondXML provides content insight, instant assurance and content editing navigation for the editor.

As the visual editor of Shiwa7 it serves to create the content of web pages. It provides easy-to-use content management following the company’s corporate style guidelines.

Core features of BlondXML

  • A familiar interface based on the well-known Office applications
  • Does not require IT knowledge, but it also “speaks” to IT professionals
  • Corporate style guide based appearance
  • Provides a safe passage between content and the XML programming language
  • Provides complex, user-friendly content management
  • Provides controlled, cross-platform passage between the user and the most complex IT systems
  • It can not be spoiled because it eliminates the possibility of making mistakes
Extensive use
Editing internet and intranet web pages
Editing product catalogues
Editing multimedia publications

RAMA Search Engine

Content Indexing and Search Engine
RAMA is the intelligent Content Indexing and Search Engine for Shiwa7. Using the RAMA search engine the content editor simply indexes each item and the visitor can simply search for the content of the entire web site.

  • Simple content editor features
  • Content indexing
  • Preset keywords
  • Preset synonyms
  • Featured hit content
  • Autosuggest function
  • Preview function
  • Featured hits feature
  • Thesaurus management
  • Directed synonyms
  • Keyword management
  • betekintő funkció
  • kiemelt találatok funkció
  • szinonimakezelés
  • irányított szinonimák
  • kulcsszókezelés
  • magyar nyelvi szabályok szerinti keresés

Shiwa7 Chat

Interactive Communication System
Shiwa7 Chat is the interactive communication module of the Shiwa7 content management system. Chat uses competency-based call allocation to receive incoming calls to eligible chat operators based on algorithms to help optimize the use of operator resources. A JAVA application - running on your own internal network - serves the chat window on the portal, and the admin interface can work in proactive and in normal mode with multilevel privilege management.
Core features of Shiwa7 Chat
simple integration with existing systems
competency-based call distribution
complex authorization management
proactive and normal mode

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