Real time customer engagement is driven by marketing automation. With SAP C/4HANA we help deliver personalized end-to-end and customer experience in real time and across all channels.

4th generation enterprise-level marketing automation turns raw data into real business value increasing your ROI which makes a real impact on your business performance. SAP C/4HANA is a market leading solution for building digital relationships with your customers.

SAP C/4HANA's 360° view provides all information you need to perfectly understand your customers and deliver targeted and personalized results. Our added value is the excellent user interface and the unparalleled customer experience (CX).

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Machine learning algorithms attempt to understand the customers' needs and create accordingly customer experiences (CX) in real time. While SAP C/4 HANA revolutionizes your CRM we ensure through our unique lean and agile approach a smooth implementation with reduced time-to-value.

Intelligent digital solution for enterprises

Unified visualization and trusted data are key definers key components of a contextual customer experience (CX). C/4HANA supports all front-office functions, including consumer data protection, marketing, commerce, sales and customer service and it helps businesses unify the experience across touchpoints driven by different functions.

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Successful adaptation is a competitive advantage. Our agile solutions – from web appearance to internal systems – swiftly and flexibly follow the ongoing changes in the digitalisation of the business world.
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