Kubernetes Handbook: Non-Programmer’s Guide to Deploy Applications with Kubernetes

Stephen Fleming

Ha szeretnéd elolvasni ezt a könyvet, gyere hozzánk dolgozni!

Are you a non-coder looking for insight into Kubernetes? 

As the industry is moving towards maximum digitization there is a consensus that DevOps practices help you deliver software faster, more reliable, and with fewer errors.

This book has been well written as a guide to getting started with Kubernetes, how they operate and how they are deployed. The book also explains the features and functions of Kubernetes and how it can be integrated into a total operational strategy for any project. Additionally, the reader will be able to learn how to deploy real-world applications with Kubernetes.

The book has been written in a simple, easy to comprehend language and can be used by Non-Programmers, Project Managers, Business Consultants or any other persons with an interest in Kubernetes.

I am confident that after going through the book you would be able to navigate the discussion with any stakeholder and take your agenda ahead as per your role. Additionally, if you are new to the industry, and looking for an application development job, this book will help you to prepare with all the relevant information and understanding of the topic.


Ha szeretnéd elolvasni ezt a könyvet, gyere hozzánk dolgozni!

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