Continuous Delivery and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Handbook: Non-Programmer’s Guide

Stephen Fleming

Ha szeretnéd elolvasni ezt a könyvet, gyere hozzánk dolgozni!

There are many blogs, videos, Quora posts discussing the similarities and differences in both the practices. SRE was developed by Google for internal consumption and overlaps with the DevOps culture and philosophy.

Now Let’s See a Definition of DevOps & SRE!

– DevOps is more of an organizational culture which fills the gap between coder and the operation person and aligns them to the overall organizational goal.

– SRE is what happens when a software engineer is entrusted with operations!

This book explains both of them in length and also covers relevant case studies and success stories and implementation strategies.

This book can be used by a beginner, Technology Consultant, Business Consultant and Project Manager and any member of the project team trying to figure out SRE & DevOps. The structure of the book is such that it answers the most asked questions about DevOps & SRE. It also covers the best and the latest case studies with benefits. Therefore, it is expected that after going through this book, you can discuss the topic with any stakeholder and take your agenda ahead as per your role.

Here is your chance to dive into the DevOps &  SRE role and know what it takes to be and implement best practices.

The DevOps, Continuous Delivery and SRE movements are here to stay and grow, its time you to ride the wave!

So, don’t wait and take action!


Ha szeretnéd elolvasni ezt a könyvet, gyere hozzánk dolgozni!

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