Cloud Computing for Programmers

Daniele Casal

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Want to stay competitive in an ever-changing market?

Programmers must keep an eye on the latest trends to remain competitive in ever-shifting job markets. Technology and tools are constantly evolving as well as the way programmers work. Every so often, our understanding of programming needs to be renewed or replaced just like an operating system or a library.

How is your job going to change in the era of Cloud Computing?

With the arrival of Cloud Computing there is so much happening you might find yourself thinking of going back to school to further your knowledge. The aim of this book is to give software developers an overview of how Cloud computing will affect their day-to-day jobs and professional careers.


The differences between traditional (on premise) software development and cloud-based development

New tools the Cloud offers to streamline the software development lifecycle

The new programming languages that are emerging and might shake up software development in this next phase

How the Cloud is particularly suitable for mobile app development

The two main types of APIs that you should become familiar with in order to implement interoperability between cloud-based systems

The new form of NoSQL storage that has the potential to subvert the old relational model

The challenges of programming for the Cloud

The new jobs and roles that are gaining momentum in the IT space

Would you like to know more?

The purpose of this book is not to stand as an all-inclusive and comprehensive guide to cloud computing (there are heavier and more expensive books for that), rather to point you in the right direction for key areas of focus in order to remain competitive and marketable, as a software developer, in the Cloud age.


Ha szeretnéd elolvasni ezt a könyvet, gyere hozzánk dolgozni!

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