Build a chatbot with DialogFlow, NodeJS and Slack

Van Eylen

Ha szeretnéd elolvasni ezt a könyvet, gyere hozzánk dolgozni!

Conversational agents or chatbots are the big UX trend of the moment. The purpose of this short book is to allow you to understand what these software are technically and start programming your own personal assistant. After a summary presentation of the concepts revolving around the conversational agents, the book leads you through an incremental development to build an assistant offering an increasingly rich conversational experience allowing it to give you the weather or to interview wikipedia. The main conversation threads explored are the following with the applied corresponding DialogFlow techniques:

  • Simple question / answer exchange at the initiative of the user (intent, entity and webhook)
  • Sequencing of additional questions for mandatory parameters (slot-filling)
  • Sequence of conversation threads (follow-up intent, context)
  • Interleaving of conversation threads and conversation at the initiative of the agent (event)
  • Deployment on the Slack messaging platform
  • Constrain user responses (use of buttons in conversation)


Ha szeretnéd elolvasni ezt a könyvet, gyere hozzánk dolgozni!

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