Our open source project, Poco is coming to Kubernetes

Poco lets you catalogue and manage your container-based Docker projects using simple YAML files to shorten the route from finding your project to initialising it in your local environment. This helps you set up your local development environment to run demos. Now we are pleased to announce that poco is coming to Kubernetes.

How poco works

Poco is currently based on docker-compose. After installing it, the first step is to get a list of all of your projects in the catalogue. Once you see the list of projects, select one. Each project can have multiple “plans”. A “plan” describes an environment (e.g. DEV, PROD) or it can describe ways of running the project code (e.g. insert test data into the database). Using plans mean the we can run the same project with different environments or components based on a YML file.

Creating different plans is very easy.

We are working on a Kubernetes version of poco.

Check out the status of the development here: http://github.com/shiwaforce/poco/wiki/Roadmap