Infrastructure Development and Operation on a professional, secure and scalable basis - in the cloud.

Docker, Kubernetes and Openshift container solutions

We dockerize and migrate your containerized applications to the cloud and teach you how to use cloud-based container technology that can be operated efficiently, and securely.

Agile operations

In the digital world, two basic skills are needed to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers, adaptability and lightning fast response. Operation cannot be left out of the agile transformation.

Multiple deployments daily

By combining development and operations, it is possible to deploy new, tested versions of software or packages several times a day. This also requires review and coordination of development processes and tools.
Interested in infrastructure automation?
We provide Docker, Kubernetes and Openshift solutions

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

We provide Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) custom processes.
Frequent, small changes

Based on the “little change small risk, big change high risk” principle, frequent minimal changes allow for flexible yet secure management of complex enterprise software architectures. You can also roll back to the previous version.

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Build and Deploy Processes

We provide continuous integration and testing through automated build and deploy processes with Bamboo, Jenkins, or GitLab to the production environment.

Everything is automated. Why? A series of steps that were manual previously, had many errors and needed several people’s work. We poured the processes into a more controlled form. This gives us an accurate picture of the dependencies, and code errors can be quickly corrected, as developers receive instant system notifications of problems.

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We use containerized applications to serve our customer needs

We use Docker containers and Kubernetes control and Openshift for ease of operation and simpler, integrated development, from test environments to production.
Docker and Kubernetes

We can respond to changes faster than ever before, since we reduce the time from idea to development refinement to hours and release updates several times a day. ShiwaForce became one of the first official partners of Docker and Kubernetes in Hungary.

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Cloud and Hybrid Solutions

More and more companies are expanding their infrastructure into the cloud or launching new projects where cost-effective operation, scalability, efficiency and speed are important considerations.
AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure

We have relevant customer experience in running live systems and database migrations on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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Our Colleagues

Gábor Reisinger
Business Development Lead
Rudolf Bujanovics
Head of Business Development
Csaba Földházi
Director of Agile at Scale