Market leaders choose us because we know how to respond well and quickly to change. Our future-proof solutions provide an agile response to the challenges of the digital age.

Enterprise & Medium Sized Business Solutions

We customize the Shiwa7 Content Management (CMS) product family and develop custom applications using the latest technologies. Our agile solutions are easy to integrate and flexible to meet constantly changing customer needs.
shiwa-7 CMS
Shiwa Ecosystem
The Shiwa product ecosystem has been used by a large corporate customer base for decades. The CMS family is modular and fits quickly and seamlessly into the existing enterprise infrastructure. Our partners provide their users with a consistent design and ease of use, and guarantees the expected, predictable security for back-end systems.
What types of websites are we developing?
  • corporate websites
  • partner portals, customer portals
  • intranet portals
  • landing pages, microsites, blogs
  • mobile first, responsive websites
  • webshops
  • e-learning modules
  • custom applications (online chat, map search)
  • custom features (CRM, lead collectors, forms, questionnaires)

Enterprise CMS software family

Continuously developed for over 10 years, the Shiwa CMS line guarantees freedom and security at the same time. Using Shiwa7 design is simpler, content is more transparent and flexible. The process of multichannel publishing is shortened and brings the right content to the right place.

Digital transformation

Digitization is fundamentally transforming the economy. The only winners of global change are the companies and executives who have mastered the ability to adapt with lightning speed. As a Digital Transformation Partner, we are committed to helping our clients build and implement the right systems that place their businesses ahead of their competitors.
Agile infrastructure development: container solutions for scalable, fast and cost effective application management with Docker containers, Kubernetes orchestration and on Openshift platform.
UX, UI & Service Design
Serving our customers' business goals, we create mobile first clean online interfaces, streamlined websites and applications that provide a user experience adapting the latest design trends.
Education & Consultancy
For the successful agile transformation and operation of your company, we provide consultative support from preparation through implementation to continuous development of agile infrastructure.

Unique Frontend Solutions

Achieve more tangible success in the digital world, we can help you add customized solutions to your existing systems.
Custom Application Development
With the experience of the latest technologies, we create innovative online applications to address the ever changing needs of our partners.
What types of applications are we developing?
  • custom features (CRM, lead collectors, form management, questionnaires)
  • custom applications (online chat, map search)
  • e-learning modules
Egyedi alkalmazásfejlesztés

Up-to-date professional skills

Our developers are fluent in several programming languages, be it HTML5, CSS3, PHP, reliable and secure Java, or the lighter frameworks of Node.js, Vue.js, and Angular.js.

Trending technologies

We build cloud-based infrastructures because they can be scaled, operated economically and securely to meet user needs. With the latest containerization and microservices technologies we are migrating our clients' existing systems to the cloud according to the current business requirements. In new projects, we design, implement and operate the entire infrastructure as needed.
Quality, Safety, Continuous Delivery
Frequent, minor changes allow for flexible yet secure management of complex enterprise software architectures. The deployment process is easy to start with a single click to revert to an earlier version.
Lean Startup
A world-renowned product development approach enables fast, flexible, and cost-effective digital product and service development based on real customer needs, even in large enterprise projects.
Bimodal IT
Whether stability or quick and flexible delivery is your core value we are both familiar with traditional, quadruple-sized enterprise operations and agile, short development cycle projects.

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Director of Agile at Scale
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Head of Business Development
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