By combining development and operations you will be able to release new, tested software packages more quickly and more frequently. Docker enables DevOps staff to work collaboratively through the sharing of images.  Container technology allows the automation of workflows and a simple and quick deployment, eliminating several sources of errors inherent to manual processes.

Containers package up code and dependencies, making your application portable from one environment to another. This technology promotes small and frequent changes and makes continuous integration and delivery possible, required for the agile operation of large enterprise infrastructures.

To operate the Docker containers effectively, we use Kubernetes, an open-source orchestration tool. Kubernetes enables you to automate the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications in diverse infrastructures at no licensing cost.

Docker in the cloud

We recommend cloud-based infrastructures, as they can be operated efficiently and securely and allow a quick scaling to adapt to changing requirements. We can build or migrate your entire Docker ecosystem in the AWS cloud.

Build and deploy processes

To automate the build and deploy processes we use tools like Bamboo, Jenkins and Gitlab. These tools help reduce significantly the risk of human errors and allow quick troubleshooting.

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