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We are a modern IT company with a startup spirit showcasing continuous excellence in delivering digital products and solutions.

We are in a constant active pace: professional meetings, internships, outstanding achievements in domestic and international competitions, team building events, regular sprints, family and singles days.

Our clients are spontaneously surprise us with special cakes once their project is successfully closed.

Something always happens to us :)

We say the best approach is to always keep on learning from others, learn from your own mistakes and move on

We ask a lot and we often talk to each other as we need to respond quickly to the frequent changes in our environment and to develop the best solutions for our customers. If you are attracted to being a recognized, innovative team member and want to develop a lot more skills, if you are looking for a job where you are given the opportunity to experiment, where the work done is not measured but acknowledged, where leaders are always open minded, helpful, and respected you are in the right place.

Do you think you belong to us? Let’s join one of our teams!

We consider self development and diversity important. We are attentive to our colleagues’ personal and career goals, and the agile organization is also able to utilize and develop our capabilities in as many areas as possible, to acquire newer and newer experiences in various interesting and varied projects. You will have the opportunity to become familiar with the latest agile and Lean startup approaches, use the latest technology, work in a predictable environment with well-organized teams, and at the same time thanks to our customers you can keep up with the latest enterprise trends.


ShiwaForce Family and Singles Day 2017

Our developers are familiar with multiple programming languages, whether it is the trusted and secure Java, or the lighter NodeJS and AngularJS or PHP, AWS, Azure clouds and large server farms. is a nearly 100-person, flat organization centered around innovative, self-organized development teams. Good mood, indifference, open communication, and community attitudes are our foundations, because we know that these are indispensable if you want to reach high professional standards.

Agile, Scrum, Lean – sound familiar?

If you’re not sure what these terms and practices mean listen to what Anton Kovach CEO of says. At we do not only do it, but we also help others to get acquainted with the latest development and management methodologies, and if necessary, we can help with the development of our partner’s digital transformation business development strategy as well.

Did you know?

In 2016 our colleagues decided to come up with and write custom fairy tales with their children and include them in a colorful, fanciful 80-page storybook. The story of 15 tales and dozens of children’s drawings shows an endless world of fantasy with stories such as “An alien for Xmas”, “A Bear with a stomach ache”, “The kingfisher” or “The hedgehog that woke up on Xmas day”.



What do our colleagues say about us*
  • “Openness, Transparency, Stability, Progress.”
  • “Various tasks, professional development opportunities, innovative approaches.”
  • “I feel I’m honored, my opinion matters and it is important.”
  • “Quick response, pursuit of professional high standards, good mood.”
  • “We take a bold, pioneering role.”
  • “Professional trainings, common ideas, ongoing feedback.”
  • “We can work with satisfied and loyal customers.”
  • “Reliability, a good working environment, inspirational corporate culture, partnership with leaders.”
*Based on a work satisfaction survey, 2017
And how do our newest colleagues see us:
  • “The same as I thought after visiting their website: it is a very friendly company, but the job is taken seriously.”
  • “At first there were challenges, but everyone was open-minded and helpful.”
  • “There is no difference between the description in the ad and the reality. Everyone is very helpful”
  • “At the time of the application I was doubtful whether I could find a family-friendly workplace here, but fortunately I was very positively disappointed.”
  • “Whatever I asked about colleagues, they usually either helped me right away or told me when they are available. This even applies to the CEO.”
+36 (1) 392-4000
1123 Budapest
17-19. Alkotás Street