Our values

Our philosophy is that all problems can be converted into challenges. Our highly trained specialists face the expectations organized into teams. From the first to the last step of the process outstanding quality is expected from them.

We are constantly in touch

During the planning and development process, we constantly coordinate and respond quickly to changing business needs.

We are transparent

With our agile methods and tools, we also provide transparent project management for our customers.

We create, measure and change

Following the Lean Startup Guidelines, we continuously validate the completed work, taking the feedback into account as needed, and changing the direction of the situation as required.

We like satisfied customers

Thanks to prototypes, continuous changes and testing, the result is a satisfied customer.
"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."
Charles Darwin

How do we work?

Our development teams are working with agile methods to meet the changing needs of our customers, whether they are developing a corporate portal, an application, a responsive webshop or a mobile application.

Scrum methodology

The Scrum methodology was established for the development teams. The biggest software manufacturers are using it too! Why? This method allows you to quickly adapt to changing business needs.

Lean startup management method

The use of old, well-established methods can be good enough to create something acceptable, but if we want to excel, we need a new approach, a new driving style.

The art of adaptation

In every case, you get the best professional service from us let it be a website, applications or our own products that have proven many times to be a huge success to companies on the whole world!

Flat organization

In order for an organization to adapt rapidly, it requires a specialized organizational structure and agile leadership. In a flat organization, the middle management layer is completely missing. The focus is on self-organizing development teams. The information and feedback flows rapidly, this way the management can immediately step if needed, and the teams can adapt to the emerging new circumstances.

Our Teams

Design, UX, UI
Our dedicated designer division ensures that our clients’ web presence is loveable, modern and easy to use. After producing the final designs we create mobile friendly websites using the latest technologies.
In addition to developing our own products, we also provide customized solutions for corporate customers.
Our research and development team is working on mapping the latest technologies and incorporating them into our own products.
In our development projects, the quality is paramount, which is achieved by continuous functional and automated testing.
No spoon. I don’t even see the code. All I see is blonde, brunette, red-head.
Organize projects, deal with issues, make phone calls, contracts, paperwork, ties, things like that.

What does it mean to be a customer of ShiwaForce.com?

As a digital transformation partner we help our clients masterfully excel in the lightning-fast adaptation to the exponentially changing business world. Through our partnership, we are able to introduce strategic and operational digital initiatives that put our customers ahead of their competitors.

Lightning fast adaptation in an exponentially changing world

Digital technology transforms the business world to the degree that we have not seen since the Industrial Revolution. We believe that a real digital revolution can only be achieved if our customers not only follow, but also learn the ways in which they can transform themselves and thereby become the digital leaders of the future.

Automated software development processes

The biggest tangible value of a software development company - beyond its employees - is its code base. This is the highest level of intellectual property of every developer colleague, its loss would be a huge catastrophe. Hence, our developers record each code change in the (central) code tracking record.

Automated testing

In addition to describing each function, it is also necessary to clarify what the end user expects from the given function. When describing this, test cases and acceptance criteria are created.

Continuous delivery

This operation should be so easy that we can put it into the hands of the business decision-makers.

Foreword to the Hungarian edition of the Lean Startup book

"Life taught me to take advantage of the opportunities, learn from the mistakes I’ve made, and cherish the happy moments of success. When I arrived in Hungary in 1993, my ability to adapt was the only breakout point: an opportunity to evolve. Later that same way thinking helped me to succeed with my projects and be the leader of a thriving enterprise. "
Anton Kovach
Innovative entrepreneur. Anton has 20 years of leadership experience in the online enterprise solutions business.

Awards and honours

Our products, applicatons and methodologies are well accepted and appreciated.
Our agile feedback tool StatusApp is recognized among the best HR communication solutions of 2018.
Employer Branding Award 2017
Awarded by the Hungarian Public Relations Association for our employer branding campaign.
Fastest-Growing Companies in Europe
Based on three-year revenue growth we're on the list of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in Europe.
Best Digital Management Initiative 2017 Award
In 2017 we received the Best Digital Management Initiative award at the E-Banking conference.
”Founder and Entrepreneur of the year”
Anton KOVACH, CEO has received the ”Founder and Entrepreneur of the year” award at the 2017 CEO Conference.
Best Digital Management Initiative 2016 Award
In 2016 we received the Best Digital Management Initiative award at the E-Banking conference.
ITU Telecom World 2015
Rewarded by the award for the most innovative and successful ICT-based small and medium enterprises that provide real social impact.
Deloitte Technology Fast 50
We are one of the most dynamically growing company in the region.
SWIFT InnoTribe
Out of 280 companies from 47 countries Karma Platform has been selected into the top 15 (in Europe in the top 5) products and companies at SWIFT InnoTribe 2014.
Atlassian Overall Best Add-On
From the 115 international developer teams we got the „Overall Best Add-on” top price with our Scrum Poker add-on.

Our Partners

The ShiwaForce.com community

In addition to professional knowledge and preparedness, we are also put a huge emphasis on people. We love to be together after work, at Shiwaforce you can be yourself.
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